Evpatoria, Crimea. Rest and treatment in Evpatoria  
sanatoria in Evpatoria
' Of 40 letija October '
' Of I.A.Nagovitsyna '
' Of the Rose Luxembourg '
sanatorium ' Radiant '
sanatorium ' October '
sanatorium ' Oren-Krym '
sanatorium ' May Day '
sanatorium ' the Victory '
sanatorium ' the Surf '
sanatorium ' Primorski Krai '
sanatorium ' Solar '
sanatorium ' Taurida '
sanatorium ' Tavrija '
sanatorium ' the Drummer '
sanatorium ' Anniversary '
a complex ' Prometej '
boarding houses in Evpatoria
boarding house ' Diamond '
boarding house ' the Wave '
' Of J.A.Gagarin '
boarding house ' Space '
boarding house ' Radiant '
boarding house ' the Highway '
boarding house ' Merkury '
boarding house ' Orbita-1 '
boarding house ' the Planet '
boarding house ' Rodnichok '
boarding house ' Russia '
boarding house ' Northern '
boarding house ' Gold Coast '
boarding house ' the Youth '
private boarding house ' Lux '
dets. Sanatoria of Evpatoria
sanatorium ' the Eaglet '
sanatorium ' Brigantina '
sanatorium ' Of V.I.Lenin '
' Of N.K.Krupskoj '
' Of T.G. of Shevchenko '
children's sanatorium ' the Spark '
children's sanatorium ' the Native land '
sanatorium ' Smaragdovyj '
children's sanatorium ' Change '
children's sanatorium ' the Seagull '
sanatorium ' Prometej '
sanatorium ' the Victory '
nurseries of camp of Evpatoria
camp ' Scarlet sails '
children's camp ' the Pearl '
children's camp ' Merkury '
camp ' Gold coast '
children's sanatorium ' Crimea '
the children's centre ' the Beacon '
camp ' the Pioneer '
sanatorium camp ' Friendship '
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Responses of tourists. Evpatoria.

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the story Name the Author
Evpatoria. Vivat Evpatoria! koнстантин, Ulm
Evpatoria. And in the rest full... Vladimir
Evpatoria. And very much it was pleasant to me Marat
Evpatoria. More all me is involved with Evpatoria Hope
Evpatoria. It is more to Evpatoria ninagoj!!! Evgenie, Moscow
Evpatoria. It is possible to go to Evpatoria only to be treated Elena, S-peterburg
Evpatoria. In general - it was not necessary to miss! Atseven, Moscow
Evpatoria. Next time already we will go not to Evpatoria Victoria, Minsk
Evpatoria. As a whole - remained it is happy Victor, Minsk
Evpatoria. As a whole an estimation - 4 points Andrey, Minsk
Evpatoria. This year again I will go Julia
Evpatoria. Tasty and healthy food, fruit-vegetables, pure air, the sea... Aljona, Dresden
Evpatoria. Water pure, but only since morning Alexander, Belgorod
Evpatoria. Quite normal place Andrey
Evpatoria. All on a show-window - look Pavel, Moscow
Evpatoria. All there is healthy Irina, Moscow
Evpatoria. By all it is advised Alla, Moscow
Evpatoria. Where free pionerija - I zareksja! Victor, Minsk
Evpatoria. The main thing after all - the sea and the sun, and with weather to us has carried Ekaterina
Evpatoria. A city dirty, beaches disgusting Ksunich
Evpatoria. The city of Evpatoria was pleasant to us, though there. Alla, Moscow
Evpatoria. Savages to Crimea it is more a foot Larissa, Evpatoria
Evpatoria. Go better savages Dima, Minsk
Evpatoria. If to have a rest in Taurida, only on JUBK - Alushta, Yalta, Alupka Nastenka, Orenburg
Evpatoria. But has recollected the USSR Konstantin, Ekaterinas
Evpatoria. Either the Sea or the Civilization Mihal, Kiev
Evpatoria. A climate here the class. Bag
Evpatoria. More shortly, it is necessary to be on the check nina, ukraine
Evpatoria. It is better to go to Bulgaria Alexander, Sankt-Pe
Evpatoria. People are paradise! Dmitry, Minsk
Evpatoria. To people with an average prosperity and with children Alla, Moscow
Evpatoria. Evpatoria is pleasant to me Konstantin, Moscow
Evpatoria. It was pleasant to me AlMat
Evpatoria. To me there it is good Igor, Ekaterinburg
Evpatoria. Have for two spent 550 Christina, Minsk
Evpatoria. Quay - super Dmitry
Evpatoria. The people quite good, on a beach - it is pure Dima
Evpatoria. I will not go more! Raisa, Moscow
Evpatoria. By all means we will go there once again Natale, Sevastopol
Evpatoria. Never it is more Marina, Moscow
Evpatoria. About water in Evpatoria Dima
Evpatoria. Be defined, what for you there eat TynkoFF, Moscow
Evpatoria. Will have a rest and will not regret! Sima, Minsk
Evpatoria. Has had a rest well Olenka, Kharkov
Evpatoria. Rest and the sea a miracle! Xenia
Evpatoria. Rest turns out remarkable Gennady
Evpatoria. A sediment rare Julja
Evpatoria. It is very tasty feed and it is cheap Alina, Peter
Evpatoria. It is very a pity to me of what have a rest in Evpatoria Inga, Moscow
Evpatoria. Very much we wish to repeat the next year natalja
Evpatoria. A landscape not bleshchet paints Irina, Kiev
Evpatoria. We plan to go by the car there still Julia, Moscow
Evpatoria. A tremendous city Anyuta, Moscow
Evpatoria. Arrival of hopes has not justified Tatyana, Minsk
Evpatoria. Come will not regret! Yaroslav (Kiev)
Evpatoria. Fish smells not as fish, and the sea Natasha Kostenko
Evpatoria. The most class city in Crimea Leonid
Evpatoria. Dullishly, meal – not so Natasha Ilyin
Evpatoria. Looking where to stop Elena, Moscow
Evpatoria. So I have gone Dima from Minsk
Evpatoria. Good, inexpensive rest km, kiev
Evpatoria. I there will not go any more Elli, Moscow

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