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Evpatoria. People are paradise!

For a long time was going to write this composition, but in any way hands did not reach. On a nose long-awaited holiday and it, certainly, will be Evpatoria. And, certainly, again the savage.

So, the report on holiday by the savage in Evpatoria during the period from August, 20th till September, 4th, 2004. At once I will make a reservation that in Spain, Italy, France to me it was necessary to happen, and in Crimea I was for the first time. So to what to compare to me is. Why I have chosen Evpatoria? It is final loud glory, from a Soviet period, Evpatorijsky health resorts (a dirt, curative sources etc.). No, serious I am not sick of anything (thank God), but constant weariness, undue fatigability, is frequent "=ЁхЁрЁр " the head and bad mood dominated at a vacation spot choice.

About all one after another. Road. It was the bus of type BOVA. It is hardish, but it is possible to suffer. Departure in 7 mornings. That has pleasantly surprised - have left on the dot. The road has occupied 26 hours, have flown by imperceptibly. Border have passed quickly and without zamorochek. To Evpatoria profits about 9 mornings. Have unloaded us on road service station. The first that was evident, and even rezanulo sight, it neuhozhennost cities. Rather dirty, I would tell. But this first impression. In some days I already it did not notice all, but about it later. Habitation. I initially planned only a private sector, only a small house with a court yard and an arbour. Presence of hot water and five-stars service me interested a little. What is the summer shower in the south I know on army (I served in Turkmenia) and it quite suited me. More shortly, the soul demanded romanticism, I even would tell any primitiveness. The first comer under a hand the taxi driver has specified me a direction where local grandmas-spekuljantki trade in habitation. Having listed to the lovely company (grandmas from eight) all my requirements to habitation one was caused. The auction directly at station has begun. On offered 6у.е. For days I opposed 2у.е., have converged on 3,3у.е. In my holiday budget 5 c.u. so the managed to get price quite suited me have been put. The taxi to go from station of minutes 5-6. Has requested 15грн, have bargained on seven. I wish to notice - bargain always, everywhere and for everything, the prices fall in times. Have gone to look. As soon as we have entered into a court yard, I have agreed still at all videv the apochevalni. It is a fairy tale. On perimetre some rooms, accurate concrete paths, high walls laid out by a shell rock, in the centre of a court yard a bed with a nut tree and a cat sitting on it, the big oak table under a walnut and hanging down over a head, already ripe, grapes. More shortly, I at first have paid off, and already have then looked the room. Standardly - a bed, a bedside table, pair of chairs, pair of hangers, the minimum set of ware and an iron. In a court yard a summer kitchen and a summer shower. Bolshego also it is not necessary. This small house was in an old city in the street Labour. Walkings to the sea of minutes five, but to the central beach (in area Frunze) it is not so close. It is possible for steam of stops on tramvajchike, but I went on foot and only on foot. That can be better than walk lengthways exhausting barefoot on accurately paved quay. Around 8-9 mornings a tile already warm, to feet it is very pleasant.

So, about the main thing - the sea and the central quay is direct. The first impression about quay - what for that abroad, for example, differs nothing from Spain. It is accurately paved by a tile, lengthways uncountable set of cafe, small restaurants, game institutions, tents with souvenirs etc. very purely. Garbage containers (by the way, very civil) stand through each 50-100 metres, the international call boxes and that more often, it is a lot of greens and colours. Impressions the most pleasant. Beaches paid, 2грн. But it on the first couple of days, you will not look round yet. I went free of charge, the main thing a muzzle of the person to make easier and anybody you on an input not tormoznet. A yellow small sand, a shower, canopies (for fans to sunbathe in shades, massage directly on a beach, hot dinners, shrimps, pahlava, morozhennoe, mussels and anything you like. The sea very pure. And if to compare to Yalta - crystal-clear. Once after a storm has overtaken for dregs, grasses and dead jellyfishes, but already in a day all has settled into shape. By the way, strangely enough, jellyfishes practically was not in general. Even the local said that such very seldom happens. An input in the sea smooth, sandy... Very much it is pleasant to Children and young mums. By the way, I will distract... I have drawn a conclusion that Evpatoria is a city where, basically, young mums with children (and not only) from all Soviet Union have a rest. Eyes run up, a flower bed and only. And, as a rule, all unmarried (hi-hi, well it is final... And who on a resort the family? Excuse me, lovely women, I very much love you, not in insult is told.) as the person free, I have afforded "юсЁхэшх" with the fair sex under the full program (sorri for sleng). There we go. To me has very much carried with weather. For two weeks the rain, is more exact a storm, was only once. Air temperature fluctuated 25-27, and exhausting more low 25 did not fall. Pair milk as speak.

As to a food, so here any problems. Kafeshka on kafeshke, restaurant on restaurant, plus chebureks (madly tasty), hotdogi etc. But I put on the third stay has found out very civil dining rooms open-air type of the BISTRO two steps away from a beach. Are located to Frunze near to sanatorium the Victory. Very purely, accurately, cosy, it is madly tasty, to chertikov cheaply and work to pozdna. On the average the dinner from a paunch manages in area 15грн. Portions big and a choice huge. The dinner of such quality in Minsk will manage at least dollars 10. Special attention I wish to give to dairy cocktails, which there continually. Vkusnotishcha... Dorogovato the truth, 3 grn. For half-litre, but they of it stand.

Further - excursions. Average cost - 20 dollars. People, necessarily go by excursion, do not feel sorry on it for money, impression unforgettable. From the experience I can advise: JUBK, mountain Ah-petri (it is obligatory with descent on the Big rope-way), Vorontsovsky park, Yalta, Sevastopol, a New World and certainly cape Tarhankut with underwater immersing. From tour agencies I will allocate firm PALADIN. Each word, good buses, sensible guides Are responsible. Of firm Evpatoria steer clear. Promise much, but do not do anything. And from transport only old MANHOLES of times of stagnation. Except the spoilt mood for the money will not have anything. About other firms I will tell nothing - did not try, and I will not risk, only Paladin.

Treatment. Here all very much and very simply. Has gone over open sights in TSKP (the Central Resort Polyclinic), in registry has complained of the problems and for all 6грн has bought talonchik on visiting of the expert. The expert me "т№тхЁэѕы on шчэрэъѕ" also has directed on inspection. For additional 30грн in the next case me have connected to any different equipment (the equipment can be a little bit obsolete already, but it carried out the functions well) and minutes through 15 I already at the expert received a direction on treatment. Have registered to me massage on the top part of a back and a dirt there. One session of mud cure cost 3грн, and massage 4,5грн. A course - 12 days. I will tell fairly, I not very much trusted in wonderful action of all these lotions, but my opinion has exchanged day through four. The weariness has started to recede, a head to brighten, and about TSITRAMONE I have forgotten already in couple of days and I do not recollect to this day. All my treatment (I will notice - very effective treatment) has managed dollars in 35. Money ridiculous, and effect enormous...

And about leisure. In the afternoon Evpatoria represents an inexpensive, silent family resort with public basically around 30. It is A lot of entertainments for children beginning waterslides and finishing a delphinarium. At night all varies. The quay turns in Las Vegas. Music, discos, night bathings (beaches at night many are opened), etc., etc. Almost all institutions work to last client. So both for owls and for larks all conditions for high-grade rest are created.

The short estimate as of August, 2004 (can to whom it is useful):

- Journey Minsk-Evpatoria-Minsk - 45 dollars

- Residing at a private sector - 3-5 dollars on one

- A food - 10 dollars a day above a roof, still try to spend. But it without alcohol, but with two packs of Vinstona (I smoke much). On a life I the person teetotal so about alcohol in Evpatoria I can tell one - do not buy bochkovoe wine in the street which give out for Mansardovsky wines. It krashenyj surogat and the poisoning to you is provided. Alcohol only in shop and only in bottles. Naturally it is much more expensive street surogata.

- Excursions - 20 dollars

- To have a rest at night at restaurant on full - 10-15 dollars on the person (with good alcohol).

Further put and multiply figures...

CONCLUSION: I do not feel sorry for a droplet about the spent holiday in Evpatoria. Quality of rest and treatment I estimate on 10 points. More pure abroad for beshennye grandmas, only Crimea is not necessary to me.

P.S. The brightest impression: About seven mornings, silence, a green court yard, pair a three of pullings up on a horizontal bar, a summer morning shower, a coffee cup, a cigarette and crystal-clear transparent air. And so every day already two weeks. People are paradise!!!

Pleasant rest also forgive me for errors and typing errors!!!

the Author: Dmitry, Minsk
It is seen: 299 times ()
A story Estimation: Excellent

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