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Evpatoria. It is more to Evpatoria ninagoj!!!

Hello! In the middle of August 2006 have gone to have a rest to Evpatoria. It would be desirable to have a rest and a little to treat health. The wife has some problems on a female line. Have looked for boarding house with treatment, empty seats have appeared only in one boarding house GELIOS. Like a photo on the Internet of anything. A dining room such beautiful, with white cloths, with salfetochkami, numbers clean and light. Well and like as it is comprehensible under the prices. In practice all has appeared absolutely on the contrary! Conditions of residing are worse than in the poorest student's hostel! All dirty, collapses, full insanitary conditions! The toilet the general on a floor, is filled up by bleaching powder and any sewage! To come there without fear it was simply terrible to pick up any infection! Also it is all in sanatorium!!! About per capita it would not be desirable to recollect simply! - the collection of microbes, a place of a congestion of a mould, as in a bad dream! Table it is a separate theme... For 2 weeks I have dumped 8 kg (((Blevotnik still that. . The Forage submitted 3 times a day, on dirty ancient plates, white cloths from photos were replaced with old oilcloths full of holes! Morning porridge with salad from completely not fresh vegetables, for a dinner soup, a cutlet etc. the same 2 weeks, all the lowest quality! For the third day has poisoned, temperature 39, and in a medical office you will not believe in sanatoria, there is no thermometer!!! The personnel relation simply repugnant! They to us do SUCH favour that we to them have arrived to have a rest and be treated, it is simple something! Without scandal became nothing! For the request to change meal in a dining room to us began to bring still more coldly and more untidily with words "-+К‡ грЂК‡". As a result only after scandal have replaced the waitress, and to feed steels better. It has appeared that they simply carry away the most part of products home. Bones from a hen in plov, and meat home! All in a family!!! But all the same main not residing, and treatment. All can be taken out, that would cure the main thing. Did not begin to leave, doctors good speak... But far from it! On procedure of warming up of a stomach by an electric current the doctor could forget easily about the patient! As a result went with the wife on procedures, reminded of its existence!!! Devices and devices of pre-war manufacture! And in a bathroom with a dirt it was terrible to glance... I will not be surprised, if a dirt was not disposable, and varied once a month! The gynecologist - the doctor like has appeared normal, told efficient things, encouraged... Has registered dorogushchie medicines... All have bought, began to accept, carry out all procedures... Also what you think?! In a week the wife could not rise from a bed!!!! To it have appointed, as it has appeared then, the procedures forbidden in its case!!!!!! Business has begun to smell the hot... Doctors have begun to fuss... Ran... Have found a thermometer... It simply COPYIST! At the wife the bleeding which could not stop in any way has begun. . As a result have found the normal doctor in a city, hardly were restored, vyshibli from Geliosa back all money spent for treatment and has fallen down therefrom in improbable horror!!! And so everywhere! It is more to Evpatoria ninagoj!!!! Write, I will send on a mail real photos

the Author: Evgenie, Moscow
It is seen: 398 times ()
A story Estimation: Worst Of All

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