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Resort factors

In Evpatoria effectively treat diseases of the oporno-impellent device, the top respiratory ways and respiratory organs, rheumatism, illnesses of a skin and the metabolism infringement, many professional illnesses, vibrating illness, diseases of organs of hearing, sight, a children's cerebral paralysis, consequences of frustration of the central and peripheral nervous system, including a poliomyelitis.


In the item of Zaozernoe there is a National centre of Paraolympic movement of Ukraine. Besides trainings under supervision of skilled doctors, sportsmen-invalids have possibility to accept procedure, treatment by a dirt and rapoj curative lakes.

The Combination of natural medical factors in Sakah and Evpatoria is unique. For the general improvement of children and adults are good a local dry steppe climate. In the summer it is perfectly freshened by sea breezes. Shallow beaches perfectly get warm by the sun, rains go much less often, than in Yalta, not to mention Sochi in the summer. By the way, duration of solar light in Evpatoria in a warm half of year much more, than in Nice, also makes 1982 hours. In Sochi such duration it is not typed and for all year.

Circulation barefoot on sand, gravel, a pebble and even rubble can argue by efficiency with the well-known acupressure shiatsu. On the bottom surface of feet there are the special sensitive points connected by nervous fibres with the major internal - heart, a liver, kidneys etc. To find and it is correct promassazhirovat these points the high-class expert can only, and here the stone or a grain of sand easily both will quickly grope any point and will cause through it salutary reaction in an organism.

Go and run on a beach barefoot on the heated naked children and on wet sand in a surf zone, begin with a soft sparing covering, and then pass to a large pebble, on which foot "ьэх=ё " it fails, stretched and on neokatannuju shchebenku, cutting away skin by sharp sides. Walking barefoot fills a body with vivacity and fine removes slackness and razmorennost from solar beams. Do not refuse to itself movement! Beaches of Crimea are capable to give to you much more, than skin dimness on couple of months is simple.

Sand baths - ancient medical means for patients and entertainment for healthy. However the majority having a rest do a huge error when bury itself in damp sand. Sand should be dry and hot. Its only thin blanket should be raked up for a sand bath. The majority of beaches of Saksky area and Evpatoria approach for this purpose ideally. Sand baths effectively help children against such widespread diseases as a rickets, a diathesis, an allergy. And for adults operate as the best cosmetic scraped. Weight loss at temperature of sand about 50 degrees can make for a session of a sand bath to 500-600 grammes. BUT! Sand baths are strictly counter-indicative at a tuberculosis. In general, sick people should consult always on the attending physician concerning application of any climatic methods of treatment.

The Best time "ѕ§юфш=і in яхёъш" 10 - 12 o'clock in the morning when sand gets warm to 40 - 50°С. It possesses teploustojchivostju, hygroscopicity (ability to absorb a moisture), moderate contrast of grains of sand and air being between them. Thanks to it sand in regular intervals and long enough gives the heat, strengthening potootdelenie, stimulating oxidising processes in an organism and promoting improvement of work of kidneys. Sand tekuch and consequently presses on a body from different directions, irritating the nervous terminations of a skin in the temperature, rough edges of grains of sand and the salts added to them is salutary an effect has on blood and lymphatic vessels of a skin. At fast allocation of sweat the layer of damp sand adjoining to a body, sufficient to protect from an overheat, but all the same well spending the necessary heat is formed.

Mineral waters. mineral water "Crimean" is Most known and accessible, a little bjuvetov which are on the Saksky resort. Very pleasant both on architecture, and on picturesque district (the mirror pond with statues of dinosaurs) popular bjuvet mineral water is in Saksky resort park. Well and in large health resorts (for example, in sanatorium "Poltava") mineral water is brought directly in bathrooms of each chamber. As the natural temperature of a source of 45 degrees is most comfortable for water procedures.

Water "Crimean" in plastic bottles on 1,5-2 litres and glass on 0,5 is practically in all shops and booths, it is possible to tell that it the most popular in Crimea. It is thermal gidrokarbonatno-hloridnaja natrievaja water with a mineralization 2 g/l, close on properties to known water "Essentuki-4". "Crimean" it is used as for drinking treatment of diseases of digestive organs, a liver, kidneys and bilious ways, and balneoterapii (washings, an irrigation, a bath, medical souls).

Popular bjuvet mineral water it is opened recently and in the central street of Evpatoria – street Frunze, nearby to a city beach.

the Medical dirt and rapa salty lakes . In region there is more than ten small and large salty lakes which it is accepted to name estuaries (from an Ancient Greek word "limen" - a gulf, during antique times many of them were sea gulfs). The majority of them very small, high speed of evaporation of water and temperature create here extremely high concentration of chemical substances and microcells, including an organic origin. Anything similar is not present anywhere in the world. Lakes Sasyk-sivash at a resort of Saki and Mojnaki at Evpatoria are most known, however curative properties possess as well small lakes at seaside villages Dairy, Vitino, settlement Frunze. Therefore speak as a whole about the Saksky deposit of a medical dirt. Ilovye a sulphidic mineral dirt of Sak is recognised all over the world, especially in the field of barreness treatment. This dirt velvety to the touch, oily, viscous, black, with a hydrogen sulphide smell (that not especially pleasantly also reminds rotten egg). Into its structure enter okisi gland, kalija, magnesium, calcium, sodium salt, kalija and many other elements.

In comparison with a dirt of the Dead Sea the maintenance of vitamins in a dirt sakskih lakes at 3-10 time above, lipidov and their derivative fat acids (only 14 names) is more in 2-3 times. Approximately in as much times more the maintenance of amino acids.

The Majority not especially suffering from problems with health having a rest use sakskimi a dirt independently. The most usual picture – people in black "gloves" and "boots" from a dirt. Really, such procedures are good from articulate pains, and is simple for strengthening of joints. More difficult diseases demand already art of doctors.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS for mud cure: sharp inflammatory processes, a tuberculosis, tumours, myomas, fibromiomy, kisty jaichnikov, nephrites, nefroz, postinfarktnoe a condition, hypertensive illness II and III stages, a hemorrhoids, expansion of veins standing. Even if you it is absolutely healthy, it is not necessary to play the fool simply, having smeared with a dirt from head to foot, especially on heat. For photographing it is admissible not longer 5 minutes, and then at once wash off a dirt in the sea or under a shower (that however, malorealno on wild rural beaches).

The water of estuaries Sated with salts name rapoj. In lake Sasyk-sivash the maintenance of salts reaches 200 g/l, almost in 10 times above, than in Black sea. Such water perfectly deduces harmful substances from a skin, treats fungoid diseases of a skin, releases it from ekzem and allergic reactions.

Lakes Mojnaki Rapoj at Evpatoria effectively treat a kostno-articulate tuberculosis, consequences of a poliomyelitis and children's tselebralnogo a paralysis. In territory of everyone evpatorijskogo sanatorium are available mud baths and bjuvet with medical thermal (39 degrees hloridno-natrievoj water in which do medical baths.

Igor Rusanov

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