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Evpatoria, the item Zaozernoe (Seagull), the item Dairy, the item of Vitino

Evpatoria - one of the best on a planet of places for treatment and improvement of children. A shallow, warm and safe Kalamitsky gulf, golden sandy beaches, a curative dirt and rapa salty lakes, thermal mineral sources, and the most important thing - the sparing prices for residing and a food.

This unique place in Crimea where the success of seasons of 2004-2005 did not become casual. The city went to it long enough and intelligently. Basically, within the limits of preparation for celebrating 2500 letija. The holiday has taken place in 2002, but matter is not in this conditional date. Evpatoria now - big elegant kachan cabbage. In its layers also classical colonnades of antiquity, and an intricate pattern of small streets of the Middle Ages, and amusing merchant snobbery of times of the Russian empire, and space monsters of the Soviet empire, and imagination of present businessmen is appetizing enough look. Here now not simply earn on health-resort visitors, the city has a person. Evpatoria does not break up simply to any separate territories of health resorts or the entertaining centres. The city all is good both for treatment, and for family rest, and for youth parties

the Abundance of antiquities and innovative ideas in youth and children's creativity transform rest in Evpatoria into an unforgettable adventure.

the Lay-out and transport. In this respect a resort, certainly, the most clear and convenient in Crimea. Streets are crossed under right angles, forming spacious squares. Only in a small part of present Evpatoria at port, as well as it is necessary to medieval east city (it was called Gezlev), small streets form an intricate web.

New quarters of Evpatoria (the prospectus of the Victory and adjoining streets) remind all Soviet "cheremushki". They are built up krupnoblochnymi pjatietazhkami and large-panel houses at 9-12 floors. Habitation here, naturally, very cheap. And products are cheaper, than on trading numbers at beaches.

The lay-out and settlements okrugi is quite clear. Highways go along seacoast. The autostation and railway station are in Evpatoria nearby. And pavilions of stops and a platform of electric trains everywhere play a role pjatachkov: from them the avenues conducting to beaches begin; here all trade (quite often directly from the earth) and all conceivable temptations in the given district (in villages they are very modest) is concentrated.

On the north and on the south from Evpatoria boundless sandy beaches of Saksky area last. In the south it is the beaches of the Saksky sandy rerash accessible both from highway, and from an electric train, therefore it is more dense the filled. The nearest to Evpatoria – the New beach is well equipped, the autocamping, athletic fields, cafe and other there are arranged. The new beach is accessible on fixed-route taxis, a tram, an electric train.

Transport availability of beaches on the West and the north from Evpatoria is slightly more difficult. The coastal line forms an extensive ledge of cape the Seagull, and the basic highway (Evpatoria – the item Peace) passes far enough from coast. From Evpatoria and to settlement Zaozernoe all coast is closely occupied by territories of health resorts, children's camps, bases of rest for parents with children. To them still motels and campings for autotourists now have increased. Settlements (these are space, aviation or sea military garrisons) and villages are far enough removed from a coastal line that can create some mess if you search for the necessary boarding house to its post address. The boarding house can be on removal of 3-5 kilometres from "the" settlement.

To villages and settlements simply to get on trip transport, and here it is necessary to autotourists "poshamanit" with enough negligent grid of dirt roads. However, their tortures will be rewarded. Between rare villages and settlements of local coast from Evpatoria to lake Donuzlav tens kilometres of excellent sandy beaches with well warmed up shoal are stretched. To it the chain of curative lakes with a medical dirt and rapoj increases. Indexes on dirt roads are not present, so it is necessary to go at random. Choosing a direction it is possible to be guided by two moments: 1) to go to the sea and 2) to choose always more nakatannuju road.

Sights. Evpatoria one of the most ancient cities of the Eastern Europe. The Ancient Greek colony of Kerkenitida and medieval port Gezlev was historical predecessors of Evpatoria.

The fortification Rests Kerkenitidy - the prospering antique city, known to the first geographer Gekateju Miletsky and to the father "шё=юЁшш +хЁюфю=ѕ" it is possible to see on quay it. Bitter (at a beach of Military sanatorium).

The Greek-Scythian site of ancient settlement "Орщър" (the name conditional) is found near a children's recreation camp "-ѕёшё=№щ" the Friendship avenue, 23 is northern suburb of Evpatoria – settlement Zaozernoe. The most well-known finds of antique times – some images of having a rest Gerakla – became a basis of numerous souvenirs, and also recently built monument on quay at a city beach.

And here in the centre witnesses of medieval pages in the history of these places - a complex of medieval monuments of Evpatoria Gezlev have remained. Already from quay Tereshkovoj over the sea and greens of squares domes of the Greek church of Sacred Ili and Sacred Nikolay's Russian orthodox cathedral tower. Between them high minarets of the main mosque of the Crimean khanate of Dzhuma Dzhami flaunt. In depth from them and from coast an intricate pattern small streets of a medieval city run up. Now they are reconstructed – very slowly, expensively, stylishly. So there is a sense to suffer some inconveniences from civil work.

The Greatest blossoming of a city is connected with sovereignty at the Crimean coast of Osmansky Turkey with 1475 for 1774. The city becomes large craft and shopping centre, here settles down huge nevolnichy the market, and also military garrison and fleet.

In XVI century under the project of the visible Turkish architect and engineer Kodzhi (Hodzhi) Sinana is constructed a mosque of Dzhuma-Dzhami, or the Khan-dzhami. It towers over Quay and is far visible from the sea.

In square at a mosque the monument to the native of Evpatoria to the classic of east medieval poetry of Ashuku Omeru is recently constructed. Omer it is represented with sazom, east string tool, in very original pose which has been not deprived of grace. Apparently, the sculptor is a good judge of east tools and traditions.

In an old city Turkish baths ( Krasnoarmesky street, 20) have remained also – before recent time they still worked, so the general term of their operation has made almost half-thousand years! Tekie dervishej (cult construction of the Islamic brotherhood well-known for the ritual spinning) is now restored, nearby in the guest house the ethnographic centre of the krymsko-Tatar crafts is opened.

In Gezleve, after Evpatoria, there was one of large communities karaimov, it is possible to examine their cult temples - kenasy XVIII century (street Matveeva, 68) to get acquainted with dishes of ethnic cuisine and products of crafts.

ATTENTION: before visiting of temples of any faiths take care of appropriate clothes. Men and women in Muslim and karaimskie temples should enter with the covered head (for women kerchiefs are obligatory), bathing suits or a naked torso are not admissible. Into Christian temples of the man enter without headdresses.

In days of wars and revolutions Evpatoria as the major port of Black sea became time and again the centre of bloody events. About battles of the Crimean war (1854-55), and the Great Patriotic War numerous monuments to soldiers, tools and the combat material, the cities established in different parts testify.

To the city 2500 anniversary it became very good both the city centre, and the leader from it to the sea street Duvanovsky. They are built up by very elegant and amusing houses in 2-4 floors in architectural style which has received the name «a southern province». It makes impression of eclecticism, mixture of different styles and building receptions of the Mediterranean, the Western Europe and Russia. In the end of 19 centuries the Russian empire has already provided won for hundred years to this edge (novorossiju) iron and highways. The reasonable national policy and free trade have caused unknown business activity not only Russian merchants, but also businessmen of a local origin – Turks, karaimov, Italians, Greeks, Jews, the Crimean Tatars, krymchakov. Colonists have joined them – Estonians, Czechs, Germans also.

Rich men from all this motley environment differed samorodnostju, absence of formation, mad energy and aversion of authorities and traditions. Their self-conceit was realised in the courageous economic enterprises, charity and, of course, in building of houses. In Odessa, Novorossisk, Rostov such houses enormous, in 5-6 floors. In Evpatoria it is less. But all of them very much zanjatny an unexpected combination of different styles, the big individuality. The name of the main foot street of Evpatoria – Duvanovsky – too is indicative. By the way, in a historical part of Evpatoria all houses have the big tablets with all names which the given street carried during the pre-revolutionary, Soviet and present periods.

But we will return to the town governor of Evpatoria of a prerevolutionary time to Simeon Duvanu. Its surname can be translated as "pahan" - duvanom at Cossacks and Tatars the spoils of war (that is "obshchak" on a slang of present gangsters) were called. «Without the ataman duvan not duvanit», - one of precepts of Cossacks says.

Hence, one of ancestors of Duvana just was responsible for storage of spoils of war. There was it from notable karaimskogo sorts. Military qualities karaimov both their fidelity were since ancient times estimated also by the Lithuanian grand dukes, and the Crimean khans. In spite of the fact that karaimy ispovedyvajut one of Judaism branches, of them these monarchs formed personal guards. It is known that Ilja Karaimovich was one of hetmen of the Army Zaporozhye. Russian monarchs also highly appreciated karaimov. For example, from 500 karaimov, participating in the First World War, 300 were officers.

Evpatoria from the end of 19 centuries became the main cultural and religious centre karaimov. Here there was a printing house printing sacred books. The traditional culture karaimov has remained also in the cave city of Chufut-kale at Bakhchisarai, and in Lithuania, in suburb veloknjazheskogo lock Trakaj.

In quarters of building of 19 centuries is also Evpatorijsky the International children's centre-complex "Гюыю=ющ ъы¦ёшъ". it has opened on May, 31st, 1987 Today includes Children's theatre, Club of young seamen, theatrical craft workshops, industrial base and branches in suburbs of Evpatoria. More than thousand children are engaged here, but the most interesting are international festivals "Гхьы . Theatre. -х=ш" which pass at the height of a summer season.

Wide popularity thanks to the world records has received local Theatre on Stilts, which acts exclusively on street holidays.

Entertainments are concentrated at park of Frunze and along a city beach. Besides a characteristic abundance for a children's health resort of children's attractions, exhibitions, game small towns and athletic fields, in general, night clubs are interesting enough also. By a season of 2005 the entertaining fortification in park of Frunze (known earlier as «the Third Rome») became a little ancient and to the east. This night club is called now Troy and on style quite keeps within fashionable Hollywood images of antiquity with a sensuality of a miniarmour and a cold steel, moderately unbridled romanticism and harmonious inclusion of everyones laser and kiber-pankovskih features.

Every possible children's and youth festivals in the Summer are held: street and children's theatres; sports, national dances and a break, every possible exhibitions work. There is a big delphinarium.

In park of a name of Frunze there is one of the best in the country an extreme-park of "Fanboks" - ten springboards and a handrail for tricks on bicycles, the roller fads and boards.

Museum business is put is modern and it is attractive. Every possible antiquities hang round, when simply walk on a city. The glass pyramid with a fragment of excavation of antique Kerkenitidy at Museum of local lore is especially good.

From Evpatoria it is possible to make excursion "-юёьюё far and сышчъшщ" in National control centre and tests of space means. its Basic constructions are in two settlements – Dairy and Vitino. Already on road attention involve from tens huge metal openwork plates of radar stations.

The Sea settlements well extensive sandy beach, between it and rural houses (with bed cost in 2-3 dollars) have some curative lakes. However, no other entertainments here are present. Unless from settlement Dairy on a beach of local base of rest (the input only under sanatorium books) goes a tram! It is said that it is a unique rural tram in the world. To experts from many countries of the world with pride show this miracle of technics of 1957 which (besides only in Dairy) still works. For having a rest under permits a tram free, for local and "wild" - 50 copecks.

In these parts on beaches there are no entertainments. Only the sea, estuaries, steppe and plates of locators. But it is very cheap. And Evpatoria with its rich possibilities – absolutely nearby.

Celebrities. in the Summer of 1825 the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz has written here one of the "-Ё№ьёъш§ ёюэх=ют".

In 1910 on donations the theatre of A.S.Pushkin on which opening there have arrived from Petersburg actors of the Maryinsky Theater is constructed. The local scene accepted such coryphaeuses of theatre as M.G.Savin, K.S.Stanislavsky. E.B.Vakhtang, L.V.Sobinov, A.V.nezhdanova, N.A.Obuhova.

For performance before having a rest and patients there came here the poet and artist Maksimilian Voloshin, writer Alexey Tolstoy. Poet Vladimir Mayakovsky has with an ulterior motive written "юёхэі it is a pity to me of what did not happen in ‡тяр=юЁшш"!

Well and what true story of an immortal hit "Ї you it is not fast яючрсѕфѕ" our contemporaries - the Belarus group "- яшё КЁѕсхчъющ" about it still it is necessary to break heads to critics and culturologists of the future.


The Code of international telecommunication +38 06569

Gorspravka 09

Help Ry stations 5 14 11

Help autostations 6 16 90

The Marina, help service 3 24 95

Krymagentstvo vozd. Messages, cash desk 3 21 69

Evpatorijsky museum of local lore (street Duvanovsky 11/2) 6 27 27

The International children's centre-complex "Гюыю=ющ ъы¦ёшъ" (Bartenev's street, 1-5) 6 25 24

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