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Saki and beaches of the Saksky rerash

On the south from Evpatoria a continuous train on tens kilometres the golden necklace of lake rerashes lasts: huge lake Sasyk-Sivash , Saksky curative lake. Directly on rerashes are laid both highway, and the railway so both by buses and by electric trains it is easy to get on spacious beaches and almost deserted beaches. Only on platforms the New beach, the Sun, Coastal is a lot of people, but also here beaches free. The saturation services and trade is high enough, and on an entertaining complex the Sun all even quite stylishly and is noisy. More close to Sakam by a season of 2005 the entertaining complex Β« Banana republic AKVAPARKOS Β» has opened. The concept of this complex of entertainments - latino-piracy. Rastamanov Jamaica waits, and on Sambodrome are expected karnavalnye madnesses. Popular water spiral hills of type the Anaconda are concentrated in Amazon, and high-speed water tunnels are named Red pepper, the Dark blue fog and Kosy Itity. Their height – 21 metre above sea level (and simply level of a floor) – 21 metre, the greatest in Crimea.

The Spacious pool in the complex centre, naturally, is called as Caribbean. Expected favorable a season – since May, 1st on the middle of September. It is possible to live here directly on beach campings – in tent small towns or in a bungalow. The prices in 2005 the most accessible in Crimea, the children's ticket from 10 to 30 griven, the adult from 30 to 60 – that is it is possible to arrive on half-day or on all the day (from 9 o'clock till 20 o'clock).

On 6th kilometre of highway Evpatoria - Simferopol attracts attention original, very dynamical and expressive a monument from bronze and concrete. It is established on seacoast where in January, 1942 was lost a trawler "-чЁ№тр=Ρ…Ρ‹Ρ–" the participant of landing operation. To a monument to seamen-commandoes it is easy to pass from any parking place of the Saksko-Evpatorijsky rerash.

Is nearby and other interesting places. Lake Sasyk-Sivash , separated from the sea a rerash, one of the greatest in Crimea, its area about 7 100 hectares. From five beams rain and thawed snow flow down here and transport the dissolved salts. Water evaporates, and concentration of salts grows. Extraction (craft) of table salt is conducted on lake in wide scales from second half of last century with rather insignificant technological changes: separate sites of lake are protected by dams from inflow of fresh water, the sun evaporates a superfluous moisture and salt starts to crystallise. Casually got in rapu (so the natural hydrochloric brine in lakes-estuaries is called) branches, acquiring large brilliant crystals, become very attractive and original souvenirs. Samosadnuju salt remove from pools and stack on a land long kagatami (burtami, or simply speaking - heaps) of tens metres and high enough, in 3 - 4 metres. It becomes that rain waters have washed up from agate potash salts with bitter taste, they it is easier rastvorimy and are quickly taken out, so soon there is only a sodium chloride - table salt. It crush on hydrochloric mills, load and carry on packing. The brines remaining in pools after sedimentation of salt, move on rapoprovodu on the Saksky chemical factory where many valuable connections are taken.

To Children zanjatno will extremely climb up on hydrochloric "ΡƒΡŽΠβ„–" to run about on dams, to get acquainted with primitive, but reliable and accident-free technology in which the sun and a rain are the main labour. By the way, N.Nosov in the best seller "-Ρ…Ρ‡ΡΡ€Ρ‰ΡŠΡ€ on -ѕэх" extremely uproshchenno has represented process of extraction of salt, it should have thus terrible bitter smack so the history with millionerstvom the Doughnut is quite transparent.

The Resort (midway between Simferopol and Evpatoria) is unique and well-known for Saki from an extreme antiquity for treatment of barreness at women and men, and also for healing of wounds. Participants of operations or those who has had an accident, a victim of industrial accidents and acts of nature with difficult and not provided in any textbooks mutilations, come here even from the distant countries. Perhaps, for whom begins an unpleasant surprise to meet here the Chechen insurgents on treatment. However, Ukraine is not at war with the Chechen Republic. And in general, here nobody finds out relations, unless on sports meets. In a city it is often possible to observe competitions of invalids-koljasochnikov: races, basketball and other.

The city Relief unusually flat so it is rather simple to spinal patient to live in this city to be treated, communicate, work. Also it is a lot of working invalids. The usual companies for silent public gardens dominoshnikov and chess players here too on carriages.

Saksky curative lake with a dirt and rapoj, and also sources of mineral water are supported with a dry steppe climate and magic skill of doctors.

The First mud baths (now it operates in komlpekse Military sanatorium) are constructed in 1837. But a local dirt helped still to Scythian soldiers to keep military domination throughout the whole thousand years!

The City Saki is named so in connection with by accepted in drevnepersidskih sources a designation of Scythian tribes. Now the Asian Scythians name sakami, but in general Greeks said "Ρ‘ΡŠΡˆΒΆβ„–" and Persians - "Ρ‘Ρ€ΡŠΡˆ" designating the same people. The city name completely not ancient also is connected with a fashion on antiquity at the time of Catherine II.

Saki - the centre of large agricultural area, therefore a city can be of interest by a part "ΡŽΡ‚ΡŽΠΡˆ-ΒΆΠΡ•ΡŠ=β„–, everyones ΡΠΡŽΡ„Ρ•ΡŠ=β„–". From spiritual food it is recommended Resort park , put in 1890 - 1892 the New part of the park created already by efforts of sanatorium of Lenin, has plantings of 1993 Thanks to deep-well waters please an eye and freshen air two fine ponds and fountains, in the droughty salted steppe perfectly feel to 80 breeds of trees and bushes, including rare exotic kinds. Over 30 sculptural compositions recover beauty of avenues and flower beds.

Near to park there is a museum of local lore. This building has been constructed in 1913 for countess Paninoj by its lover Balashovym, the inspector of imperial salt-mines.

Workers of a museum have collected very interesting documents on treatment history sakskimi a dirt of cesarevitch Alexey. In the photos made his father Nikolay II, the boy suffering, as it is known, by a hemophilia, takes mud and sand baths and looks, in general, cheerful and healthy. A dirt from Sak delivered in Livadiju on special supplies with the big wooden flanks. Soon after treatment cesarevitch Alexey has arrived with the father emperor Nikolay II to Evpatoria. The photo where both barefooted and happy sit on a golden sand is widely known. This good mood of monarchs has allowed the Evpatorijsky mayor of Duvanu will receive the building licence to a city of a separate branch line which we use and now. The decision was accepted and to construct in Saksky resort park of a private residence for a cesarevitch, however building was prevented by bloody events of revolution. In the literature it is quite often possible to meet the statement that the private residence nevertheless has been constructed and that a building of museum of local lore just and has been constructed for a cesarevitch. But employees of a museum already have enough bases for a refutation of this fashionable legend.

the Saksky salty lake is divided by a dam into 2 parts. The western pool - a raw-material base of the Saksky chemical factory. In east it is possible to see as extract a medical dirt. The greatest depth of lake about metre, the maintenance of salts in rape 15 - 25% (in 10 times above, than in the sea). Under rapoj the layer of a dirt to 2 - 2,5 metres in the thickness in the lake centre, and lies down along the edges more thickly. Under it a lens of table salt capacity of 1,7 metres, and more low grey ily and, at last, radical breeds of a bed - red-brown clay.

At sakskogo the rerash end blizi roads the hill the Penalty-tobe towers. Here it has been dug out pozdneskifskoe a site of ancient settlement. And it is now constructed the Center of children's archeology . It consists of the small museum exposition devoted to antique times, the Greek colonies of region and to their rivalry with aggressive nomads Scythians. The inhabited part of a complex – so-called Scythian village is intended for residing and a food of children and the adults participating in excavation. Expeditions work on archaeological monuments of Saksky area and vicinities of Evpatoria.

Igor Rusanov

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