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Safety and hygiene

Potable water. In droughty years with water there can be faults. Choosing hotel or in general a residing place, it is necessary to specify reliability of water supply. Well water and water from local networks of a waterpipe in Saksky area is not so pleasant on taste, it contains notable impurity of salts and hydrogen sulphide. In its crude kind it is better not to drink, and in tea or coffee it is not especially good. In large settlements and a city of Evpatoria water dneprovskaja, from the North Crimean channel. Cleanliness and its quality are doubtful. In a boiled kind it is still quite suitable, but directly from under the crane suits only hygiene. However, in good health resorts of region and a shower it is possible to accept from curative mineral water.

Standards toilets in hotels and restaurants, and also in paid city institutions are usually high. In cheap boarding houses and campings, camps, and also at small autostations cesspools can be simple.

Toilets are not provided in electric trains of the suburban message (except for firm). Not so it is often possible to find out a toilet in cafe or a bar. In their dining rooms usually is not present, in shops - only in very large, but in the markets - as a rule. The price – from 25 copecks in the markets to 1-2 griven in dry closets at prestigious beaches.

In spontaneous tent small towns of toilets is not present, and there are no even approaching «toilet landscapes». There, where public is cleverer and accurater, coming from year to year and for a month-two, it is possible to see marching toilets – four pegs which have been wrapped up by black polyethylene. Dust in such places stack on some distance from beaches in the fastened packages.

On the Saksky rerash where there is more than public poor and dirty, the dust is in free flight, and the strip in some distance from a beach (rather conditional and nothing covered) represents "a mine" field.

Insects. For this area, unfortunately, it is characteristic maloobjasnimoe mass occurrence of bugs which are literally strewed from the sky on lampposts. Beaches can be exposed to touches of ladybirds in simple apokalipsicheskih quantities. However, anything hazardous to health in it is not present. As to ladybirds they represent a problem, only if you eat on a beach. And in any case it is necessary to refuse it.

Mosquitoes can represent serious problems, especially for children in windless evenings and nights. Dwellings (the room or tent) should have grids on window leaves and frightening off means, and for body protection it is necessary to put in small amounts on feet, the back party of palms, on a neck, a forehead, behind ears special balms. All these means are on sale in drugstores and souvenir numbers.

Early water-melons, melons, corn. All these delights in Crimea should appear a natural way not earlier than August. Well, there can be early grades of corn – last decade July. However now they appear in sale together with the first health-resort visitors – in June. Such gifts «high hitrologii» contain other-wordly concentration of nitrates, growth factors and other harmful substances. In case they not hothouse, and are simply brought from Turkey – application there jadohimikatov absolutely uncontrolled, as well as avidity of sellers.

The Best indicator naturalnosti a product – its cheapness and an abundance on counters. Buy fruit, vegetables and berries only in mass maturing in an open ground and will not be mistaken.

"Domestic wines" - one more problem in which illiteracy of the consumer all the same is the most important reason. In Crimea everywhere sell cheap synthetic spirits. Them do of water, spirit and synthetic syrups or powders on the basis of cheap substitutes of sugar, dyes and aromatizatorov. They are pleasant on taste, give exciting effect, but are very harmful to a liver.

If you stop in village and already trust owners it is unconditional, you can try a domestic wine of their preparation. In these parts the culture of winemaking prospers already more than two and a half thousand years. The sun abundance, dryness of air at sufficient polive grapes allows to receive excellent wines even in house conditions.

Igor Rusanov

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