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the Markets, shops, the review of local grades of fruit

The Markets and shops and other places of a congestion of tourists can work for quays round the clock or anyway late. In inhabited microdistricts – from 9 o'clock till 20 o'clock, manufactured goods and economic – with 10 to 18 or 19. In villages the markets (and even many shops) work from 8 mornings and to 11, 12. Though always there will be also a pair of private points which work and at night is already learn from the local. Assortment of such points – spirits, vermicelli of fast preparation, canned food, bread if there is a refrigerator – pelmeni and ice-cream.

The Good assortment of products and the accompanying goods (ware, household chemical goods) have supermarkets "Buffet table", the prices in them is considerable below other shops, thanks to great volumes of sales. This network in Crimea becomes more and more. One of superbreadboard models "Buffet table" is on the Victory prospectus in Evpatoria. If you are not especially far from Simferopol and have the car – that one more such shop is just on entrance from Evpatorijsky highway in the beginning of the Moscow highway. The Moscow ring has also one of the cheapest markets of Crimea so also vegetables-fruit in considerable quantities it is better to buy in Simferopol.

Now the review of fruit for which the region Sak and Evpatoria is famous.

the Sweet cherry. the Season of these tasty and nutritious fruits proceeds not for long - from the beginning of June till second decade of July, canned food from a sweet cherry became a rarity so really to try it not so simply. Only 2005 was record, the prices in June made from 1.5 grivni for small in the end of day to 8 griven in the morning for kartinno beautiful the Penalty-kerez (the Bull heart in prostorechi).

We Will list grades traditional for Steppe Crimea.

May skorospelka . Fruits large, red. Pulp of average density, juicy (to aquosity), pleasant taste. Ripens in the end of May - the beginning of June. Suits only meal on a place (and because there are no still other grades).

Napoleon pink . An old West European grade. Fruits above the average sizes, shirokoserdtsevidnye. Colouring yellow with a bright flush. Pulp dense, light yellow, juicy, excellent taste. Ripens in June, well transfers transport, gives good compotes and jam (if money suffices; the prices for it always high).

Kara Kerez (Tatar black). The Crimean grade. Fruits averages and vyshesrednie, roundish, slightly heart-shaped, dark red. Pulp of average density, juicy, with intensive dark red colouring, high flavouring qualities. Ripens in average terms, therefore is on sale under rather low price. It is transportable, it is used in a fresh kind, gives excellent compotes, jam and drying.

Frantsis . The Western Europe. Fruits large, shirokoovalnye, light yellow with an intensive pink flush. Pulp dense, light yellow, juicy, very good taste. Ripens in srednepozdnie terms ("фх°хт№х"), it is transportable, gives high-quality compotes.

Drogana yellow . The Western Europe. Traditional kompotnyj a grade of late maturing. Fruits large, roundish, yellow. Pulp pale yellow, dense, juicy, good taste. By the time of occurrence on counters of Drogany of the price usually the lowest, transportability at it excellent, therefore take out it in considerable quantities.

the Cherry. In industrial gardens of its landing are minimum, but in court yard krymchan it is traditional, it love for unpretentiousness and beautiful flowering. It grows practically without leaving so and without fertilizers or jadohimikatov, it already gives to fruits the important advantage. One-two day of storage give to a cherry an additional bouquet, weaken acid. Well and in varenjah it in general is irreplaceable, therefore and take it usually buckets. Watch only that on you have not palmed off "=ютрЁ" from a roadside tree on which the svintsovo-containing dust settles.

The Cherry season is hardly longer chereshnevogo - from June till September (in general, we advise is a cherry with a sweet cherry alternately, they and on a dish look together harmoniously and taste each other perfectly supplement). Grades of a cherry traditional for Crimea such:

the English early. to the Cherry-chereshnevyj a hybrid. Fruits from averages to large, roundish, red and dark red, attractive by sight. Pulp light pink, juicy, gentle, good taste.

Podbelsky. The Western Europe. Fruits large (6, ploskookruglye, dark red. Pulp gentle, juicy, excellent taste. Maturing a ranne-average.

Anadolsky. Occurs from Asia Minor (Anatoly). Fruits averages, roundish, is dark-claret. A fruit stem long with large prilistnikami. The pulp claret with the is dark-painted juice, gentle, juicy, kislo-is sweet, good taste. Maturing later. It is used in a fresh kind, in compotes, jam, on drying.

the Apricot. In the conditions of Crimea good harvests and the low prices happen time in 3-4 years because of early flowering and damage by frosts. Therefore to eat apricots in plenty not always it is possible. 2005 record on a variety and quality of apricots!

For Crimea the unique grade Red-cheeked with several local versions is Traditional. All other grades are deduced, basically, Nikitsky botanical a garden. Early and late grades practically are not present, therefore the season lasts in July of less month. The exception makes unless dichka which gives stabler crops. Small fruits not okulirovannyh apricots quite often possess excellent flavouring qualities. It is connected by that before joining to Russia in Crimea did not practise okulirovka, but selection of apricot trees for culture was conducted through many centuries. Therefore happens that dichka not only has excellent pulp of a fruit, but also a sweet stone. From dichki do compotes, jam, drying, fray in a fresh kind with sugar. There is it cheaply enough. But it is necessary to warn that its significant amount gathers along highways where on fruits the harmful dust settles. To buy them or to collect in no event it is impossible.

Now about the basic grades of universal use.

Red-cheeked . Fruits large (44, shirokojajtsevidnoj forms. Colouring orange-yellow with washed away karminovym a flush on half of fruit. Pulp orange-yellow, fibrous, average juiciness and density, good taste. A stone of average size, jajtsevidnaja with a sweet seed. Ripens in II decade of July.

Ananasnyj Tsjurupinsky . Fruits large (49, ploskookrugloj forms, are compressed from sides, especially at top. Colouring light yellow with the weak dim it is light-karminovym a flush. Pulp orange-yellow, fibrous, average density and juiciness, fragrant, good taste. A stone large, well separating, a seed sweet. Maturing in III decade of July.

Plum. the culture Traditional for Crimea, but always had minor in relation to an apple-tree a role. The season proceeds from the end of July to the middle of September. Crops annual, but almost all are eaten in a fresh kind, something goes on compotes, jam and jams, juice, but on drying, on prunes practically does not remain anything. Once prunes were the important article of export, but now, God grant to you to find though a little fresh Crimean prunes on test.

Raisin Eric. the Native grade. Fruits small (18-12, is oval-extended, dark blue with grey touch. Pulp yellowish, very sweet, pleasant taste, with a separating stone. Fruits are good in a fresh kind, for conservation, drying. Perfectly take out transport and storage. Ripen in second half of August.

Renklod green - the grade of the West European origin traditional for Crimea, now in industrial gardens is rare. Fruits averages (30-40, spherical, green with white or grey touch. Pulp chartreuse, dense, very sugary, juicy, excellent taste. Maturing - second half of August. It is good in a fresh kind, for conservation and drying. The best places - around the Pike perch, Bakhchisarai, Old Crimea.

the Cherry plum. It is close on many features to plum and to a sweet cherry. In Crimea, basically, as well as the cherry, grows self-sowing and without special attention. The tree is steady against wreckers and illnesses, therefore ecological cleanliness of fruits very high. However it is not necessary to tear a cherry plum at dusty highways.

the Peach. Conducting kostochkovaja culture in local gardens. In early terms, in June, ripen table grades: Favourite Morettini, the Dandy, Fluffy early, Juicy, Redhejvin.

Terms (the end of July - the beginning of August) goes To ranne-averages maturing of table grades: Gold Anniversary, Soviet; canning grades: the Winner, Ostrjakovsky white, Zlatogor.

In average terms (the first - the second decade of August) spejut from table grades - Red-cheeked, Kremlin, the Veteran, Majakovski, Lola, the Fair maiden; from canning - Lebedev. In srednepozdnie terms (the end of August) ripen table grades the Tourist and Gold Moscow.

The Down which covers a peach, not is pleasant to all; if it not to wash off, properly, that it irritates a throat. However there are not downy peaches - nektariny , by the form and to taste something an average between plum and a peach, it concerns both the size, and taste, and dense pulp, and also a thin skin. nektariny in a mature kind are more transportable, though, of course, they are deprived tenderness of the present peach. Lola - one of grades nektarina, appeared recently in Crimea, and is deduced it in Uzbekistan.

the Walnut , the truth, last decades in places has suffered from distribution to Crimea, in the beginning in parks, then self-sowing of a North American nut gikori for which small fruits and almost impenetrable reservation of a shell are characteristic. Because of repollination these unnecessary signs began to be shown and at a walnut. As local orehoplodnye - leshchina and a filbert, and newcomers yield fruits, spejushchie in September. Many love nuts of wax ripeness and collect them in August. It is necessary to eat such fruits at once, to prepare for the future them it is useless. Those nuts which separate from a peel (a walnut and almonds - or from green "°ряюёъш" are well stored only; (a filbert and leshchina).

Igor Rusanov

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