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Festival Republic KaZantip

the Crimean public a little podzaputalo uncountable cloning of youth festivals, therefore we will tell about the main thing from them.

the Historical inquiry

In the early nineties the city of ShChelkino at cape Kazantip in August became a place of carrying out of one of stages of Cup RFA – Russian Fanbordingovoj of Association. Fanbording – a sailing board with neutral buoyancy, it holds serfera, only if it catches a good wind in a sail. But in itself it is so easy that allows to jump on waves so highly to twist a somersault and different other counters. The Azov waves are almost optimum for this purpose as are dispersed on shoal. Well and the cape Kazantip is good that divides two bays (Russian and Tatar) – one of them is turned to the east, another to the West. And divides their all some kilometres. Besides it is possible to admire both rising, and a decline, at any direction of a wind it is possible to find a place for driving.

Nevertheless, happened then also windless days. Serfery spent them without despondency – thought out ridiculous competitions and arranged parties. And also stalkerskie attacks on the thrown cyclopean constructions of the Crimean nuclear station.

The Organizer of competitions and all that then occurred (and now occurs under a brand of Republic Z) there was Nikita Morshunok, the young Moscow businessman. Having hammered together a seed capital on gold searches in Siberia, it has opened small shop «Ultra Si» in Moscow. Trades in snowboards, in the summer sailing boards in the winter. Unlike sovok or major shops of the sports goods, it not simply trade, and club. That is buyers can count on training, dialogue with stars, trips worldwide in the circle and boundless development in all that it is fashionable.

By 1995 the city of ShChelkino which has received by then a nickname a city-phantom (10 thousand inhabitants had no means of subsistence), has grown fond of Nikita Pervogo, as present saviour. One thousand Moscow serferov brought millions dollars.

Serious Moscow business has paid attention To Kazantipsky festival also. Support of Russian fashionable magazines "Птюч" and "Motador", and also the huge industry providing a night life of big cities of Russia and Ukraine, has led to that in ShChelkino in August, except thousand serferov, began to gather and to 10 thousand nonconformists, well very various. A variety of their financial possibilities very much disappointed local residents, and a variety of their criminal bents tired also militia, and actually for the sake of whom the festival was started.

By a season of 2004 everything, it is possible to tell, it was stabilised and arranged. In ShChelkino in August festival "Kazantip-sports" is spent. It is supported by the Moscow magazine “Man ` s Helth” (Man's health), the large international firms connected with prestigious playing sports, an extreme, fitness. Competitions are spent on fanbordingu, to kejt-surfing (here the board is towed by force of a kite), a mountain bicycle, etc. in the Afternoon on a beach especially loud electronic music and a reggae sounds pleasant and not, at night all can sleep.

«Scenery in cost one billion dollars, the most grandiose in the world a monument of industrial culture» - the Crimean nuclear station is disassembled. Its ferro-concrete designs have been designed and built so worthlessly and carelessly that have started to collapse in itself. In 2003-2004 they have been disassembled.

After a series of scandals and experiments Nikita Morshunka's child has found to itself a constant haven in vicinities of Evpatoria, in village Popovka of Saksky area. It is already club beach culture in the pure state as it has developed in practice of world tourism on island Ibiza in Mediterranean sea, in Goa in India. Any time organizers coquetted concerning a healthy way of life and an extreme, but the separation from a reality is necessary for public only.

The Unique serious problem there is only a poverty in a combination to nonsense (which in turn define absence of control and beskulturnost). The club culture demands money, as well as everyone another. This problem has dared building of a serious fence and system of visas. In addition, the security service withdraws from all newcomers any products and drinks, including soda water. Cost of half-litre of beer or soft drinks inside – not less than 10 griven. That, however, it is quite normal for night club, let even the beach.

this year Republic Z collects Nikita Pervogo's citizens with 1 6 July on August, 20th, and the size of the multivisa is established in 300 griven. The Moscow part of public demanded to protect itself from the unadvanced lazy poor the qualification through passage in 150 dollars, but Nikita has considered also real possibilities of the Ukrainian part of the fans. In the first days of festival the single visa has been favourably confirmed all in 50 griven, and multivisas in 190 griven.

About fitsialnoe opening of the main arena and solemn parade Z vezd have taken place on July, 23rd. Has arrived from tens "цшт№§" commands from Moscow and steam of tens di-dzheev from cities of Russia, Ukraine and other countries, and also for a premiere delivered club video from Czechia. On August, 12th – sets di-dzheev from Germany, Kompakt representing a label.

Simultaneous "sausage" on 10 dancings became the Main counter of this season, and one of them settles down directly in the sea (so it is possible to dance on a belt in water and not especially to overheat)!

about the visa. Really visa of Republic gives serious protection against militia. As though it is considered that drugs and other disgraces can exist only outside of a fence, anyway, there submachine gunners in bullet-proof vests successfully and severely struggle with addicts.

The Visa can be received and it is free. For this purpose it is necessary to become patentovannym the owner of the Yellow Small suitcase and to correspond to the international standards frikov. Frik – in world practice of club culture is a person who is included into any night club free of charge, thanks to the causing appearance. Causing interest and positive emotions at visitors, whom money pays to see something especial and to come off the validity. In a literal translation frik it urodets. Improbable quantity of tattoos and piercing, an inconceivable combination of styles and an unbridled imagination in clothes – however, everyone frik it, really, a natural phenomenon, technologies (and can also experiments of newcomers …).

Well and some explanatories concerning those who pays. No means always it is rich idlers or bohemian party-goers. They are people whom it is a lot of more often and tensely work – businessmen, top-managers, political strategists, programmers of high level - those who gains the big money from close dialogue with a reality. The free love, time without borders, dissolution in electronic waves of a sound, dialogue without conventions and ranks – to it have won the public club beach resorts. In our country and its growing popularity, except Russia, also in Baltic, Poland, Germany, Israel and other countries, in general, it is possible to consider occurrence of such resort as natural process of tourist business.

Now a usual set of the tourist information for those who wishes to join beach club culture.


To Reach nice village Popovka does not make special work, taxi drivers and drivers of minibuses easily guess on appearance of visitors where they go, and offer the services (sometimes it tyres). The Fare to Popovki varies from supereconomic (электричка+автостоп) to the higher class (the plane or a train to Simferopol, a taxi to Evpatoria or Popovki) depending on speed and comfort level.

Approximate quotations on road:

  • To Simferopol - any variants from the plane to the bus
  • Simferopol-Evpatoria:

- - electric train 4 grn. 2 hours

- - bus 9 grn. 1,5 hours

--- taxi 60-120 grn. 40 minutes

  • Evpatoria-Popovka:

- - suburban bus 2 grn. 40 minutes

- - taxi 20-50 grn. 20 minutes


For the last years Popovka has increased in size in 3 times, there were many new houses, minihotels, private boarding houses (there is even one boarding house with water- and mud cure!!). Already on entrance to Popovku visitors are met by fashionable grandfathers on bicycles and everyone agitates to stop at it in the house, «in numbers» all for 15-50 grn. From the person a day.

Is, of course, and more expensive offers, in general, each tourist can find something optimum for itself. It is possible not to remove at all habitation, and kolbasitsja all night long on a dancing and to sleep off on a beach in the afternoon.

Nice village Popovka and the western coast of Crimea.

The Local population very much treats kindly inhabitants of "Republic Z», and at all against that "movement" proceeded from May till September without interruption - so much visitors (moreover what!!) any small village in Crimea did not see! And in general, the western coast for development of various youth projects has the big prospects: the free earth much more, than on Southern coast, the prices more low, good transport osvoennost.

The military garrison Nearest to Popovke Peace now the most prospering from ten monsters of the Soviet militarization of Crimea. Settlement – it is simple quarters pjatietazhek, but at coast numbers many-storeyed comfortable ellingov have grown. The affinity of festival has induced local businessmen to construct amusing piracy pizzerias and enough to sate magnificent by nature sandy beaches every possible sports prokatami and children's entertainments.

Already the first year is closer to a resort of Saki not successively entertaining centre "Sun" works, near to Evpatoria - the Russian and Ukrainian pop stars and di-dzhei there act. A dancing under pestrenkim an awning – 1000 sq. metres, the biggest in Crimea, however style of local parties on preimushchestvuju pop. The exception is made by only dancing competitions brejkerov which can really be of interest for the advanced public as Republic Z last years shows an absolute indifference to an extreme.

In several kilometres from "Sun" from the middle of June the new aquapark - «Banana republic AKVAPARKOS» is started. Building is not quite finished, but the main hills – the Dark blue fog and Red pepper with height 21 metre already puljajut daredevils.

And how many still surprises Evpatoria prepares for visitors! Not without Hollywood "Alexander's" the world success and other eroticheski-heroic films and serials about bared antique times, in park of Frunze night club "Troy" in enough unapproachable and smart fortress is opened.

To put it briefly, to visitors summer «Republics Z» will be where to spend time and have fun on the way to ShChastju.

After-pati and Republic imitators Z

It is possible to tell, what exactly after ShChelkino across all Crimea the fashion on beach constructions from a reed so even there was a new ancient trade - reed design has extended.

From second half of August any more one year across all Crimea there pass After-pati di-dzheev, arrived on Kazantipsky festival, and also tours of musical commands. In due time the festival has made popular such groups as "¦рэую-¦рэую" and "-р-срэъ".

At all without having possibility to visit Popovke, it is possible to get acquainted with spirit of festival in any night club or a summer platform of Crimea. But are closest (and somewhere not without imitation elements) to festival the clubs which are directly on beaches. It "ИЁхур=" in Simeize, "Ррьсѕър" and "Ррэ=р--Ёѕч" in Alushte, the Aquapark "-юфэ№щ ьшЁ" in the Pike perch, Klub-117 on the Gold beach of Feodosiya.

"Poverty is no crime" - only in May

From April, 30th till May, 2nd, 2005 already in the second time there was a youth celebrating of a holiday of Spring and Work - MAY DAY in «Republic Z».

This trial party, certainly, differs from summer festival: there were no problems with an input, the people have less, the price more low, but very much did not suffice the hot sun and warm Black sea.

We have rented a spacious room on 5 persons, with a separate input, near to a dancing for 10 grn. From the person. Besides, in our disposal there was a big kitchen with a refrigerator, a gas cooker and a ware set (under standards of Southern Coast of Crimea is level of "three stars» and there is time in 5-8 more expensively).

Organizers of Demonstration this year have thought up artful system of registration of participants in order to avoid penetration of the "left" people on "Republic" territory. A month before Demonstration registration of all interested persons on a site www.kazantipa.net - an official virtual megaphone of the project has begun. It was possible to book the ticket for favourite, for two or on all big company. Every other day on an e-mail the invitation came, it should be unpacked and brought with itself in Popovku. In exchange for these invitations yellow strips which were glued on a hand stood out and provided inviolability in territory of "Republic Z» in a current of 3 days.

P.S.: when we left "Republic", we were accompanied by the huge rocket weaved from a reed - in it has been established a heap of columns, and the people swinging flags of every possible colouring stuck out of windows. The rocket did laps of honour on streets Popovki, and from its bowels sounds of special music - music K@Z@N T I P …


Igor Rusanov

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