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Bank services, money, souvenirs

On to bank services Evpatoria strongly lags behind Yalta and Simferopol. Like and not so it is not enough cash dispenses (a para-three of the big shops, station, the space centre in the item of Vitino), but they poorly are evident. In Sakah the cash dispense is at the Palace of culture (street of Revolution 2).

The Network of exchangers is quite developed, but I would not begin to count on them strongly, say, at night as it is possible in Alushte or Yalta. In branches of banks and post offices it is possible to receive urgent transfers of several popular systems. It is most extended «the Western the Union», "Manejgram" is hardly more rare, than "Traveleks", "Anelik". For transfers from Russia and in Ukraine it is more favourable to use system «Privat Manej», it extends and on other Post-Soviet countries, for example, already works from Azerbaijan. Cash dispenses usually give out money denominations in 200 or 100 griven. In villages with such denominations it is possible to die of hunger. If you have stopped far from the centres, at once exchange money. Denominations on 20 griven are most convenient.

Souvenirs. In Evpatoria it, certainly, figurines of having a rest Gerakla and an other antique trifle, and also photos in obnimku with the mentioned hero. In a city still absolutely improbable quantity of sculptures, from a monument to an unknown hippopotamus-seaman and to a bust to the prince to the Lion to Golitsyn never happening in Evpatoria and, of course, of any relation not having to local firm "+юышч№эёъшх тшэр". However, the firm works very actively, even in cafe of the settlement "-ют№щ Ртх=".

Wines are cheap enough, in nice, on European correct, bottles. Dry wines evpatorijskogo frankly it is better than flood dry massandrovskih and, matter of course, more cheaply. Well and their dessert "Bastardo", in it the sugar maintenance on a fashion, for some percent more low, than at other Crimean firms.

Souvenirs which you can find independently – collections of multi-coloured fragments of glass, cockleshells. The most entertaining – if the branch, especially prickly, gets in rapu salty lake, on it very beautiful hydrochloric crystals act.

Igor Rusanov

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Communication, communications, mass-media
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