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specialised sanatorium camp ' Friendship '

specialised sanatorium camp ` Friendship `, Evpatoria, Crimea

We offer for rest and treatment our health resort - children's sanatorno-improving centre "Friendship" on which base the international children's medical centre "Evpatoria" is located. The centre has hospitably settled down on the bank of Black sea, in the central part of a city-resort of solar Evpatoria. The modern arranged well cases, own medical beach. At us all necessary conditions for improvement, treatment and rest of children, parents with children and adults are created. Our centre works all year long. We accept on treatment and rest of children of preschool age of 3-7 years in sanatorium branch "Заинька", children of school age of 7-15 years in the international children's medical centre "Evpatoria" and parents with children and adults in sanatorium branch "Dnepr". Placing of children with parents and adults in 2, 3, 4 local numbers with conveniences (a toilet, a washstand, a shower), in 2 local numbers with partial conveniences (a toilet, a washstand, a shower on a floor), in 3 local rooms with conveniences on a floor (a toilet, a washstand, a shower). Children-schoolboys take places in chambers on 4-6-8 places, children of preschool age take places in groups.

We successfully treat diseases of respiratory organs and LOR-ILLNESS (a pneumonia, a bronchitis, allergozy, a tonsillitis, rinosinusity, a laryngitis), diseases of cardiovascular system (rheumatism, kardity, hypertensive illness), the oporno-impellent device (arthritises, scolioses, consequences of traumas), illnesses of a skin (vitiligo, psoriaz, allopetsija, dermatity), endokrinnye diseases (hypo- and gipertireozy) and gynecologic illnesses.

The Center has powerful medical base. Together with natural factors of a resort - curative air, the sun and the sea, we give to having a rest children and adults various kinds of treatment:

- Various medical baths: oxygen, sagy, carbonic, pearl, jodobromnye, coniferous, thermal, rapnye;
specialised sanatorium camp ` Friendship `, Evpatoria, Crimea - souls: SHarko, the circular, ascending, fan hydrolaser;
- Pool and sauna (thermotherapy);
- Hydromassage;
- Mud procedures, electrodirt;
- Physiotherapy exercises and various kinds of massage: manual, vacuum, micromassage, etc.;
- Laser therapy and acupuncture;
- aroma - and speleoterapija;
- Inhalation with rapoj, medicinal grasses, medicines;
- Hardware physiotherapy;
- Bioresonant therapy and magnetotherapy;
- Bio-energetics and electrodream;
- Sports and training halls;
- Treatment at the stomatologist, the LOR-DOCTOR, the gynecologist, dermatologa.

The Diagnostic base of the centre is equipped vysokoinformativnoj by equipment and allows at modern level to survey patients - computer diagnostics of cardiovascular and respiratory system, computer research of bodies on Follju, definition radionuklidov in an organism, clinical, biochemical and immunologicheskie researches.

Treatment of children inseparably linked with teaching and educational process. The school works. Children with the big desire participate in amateur performances, carrying out of thematic evenings, are engaged in mugs of a macrame, a soft toy, aviamodelling, a photo, computer, doll, drama. Can choose to liking books in library, go in for sports, look cinema - and a video film. Excursions on a city and Crimea will be organised.

For having a rest in the centre various resort services. At us pool and saunas, athletic fields for volleyball and basketball, a tennis court, sports hall and exercise rooms, billiards. The film video hall, a hairdressing salon, library, currency exchange point, long-distance phone, parking place, a left-luggage office, hire of the beach and sports equipment, booths work, evenings of rest, a disco will be organised, it is possible to visit a bar, cafe. Excursions on a city and Crimea are led. Having fallen outside the limits our health resort, adult get to the central city park with a wide complex of services and entertainments - restaurants, bars, discos.

the Address:
Republic of Crimea, Evpatoria of street of Mayakovsky, 7
a treatment Profile:

Disease of respiratory organs
Disease of bodies of blood circulation
Disease of respiratory organs of not tubercular character
Disease of digestive organs
Disease endokrinnoj and nervous system (neurosises, a neurasthenia)
Consequences of craniocereberal traumas
Disease nejroinfektsiej
Obshcheterapevtichesky profile of treatment
Pulmonary tuberculosis in a combination to a diabetes
Disease of bodies of urinogenital system
Illnesses of the oporno-impellent device
Gynecologic illnesses
Treatment by a dirt
Serdechnososudistye illnesses
Skin illnesses
Thyroid gland diseases
Vascular diseases of finitenesses
Chronic diseases of a nasopharynx
Rehabilitation from unsuccessful areas of ecological influence
Allergy treatment
Disease of LOR-BODIES

Medical services:
a massage Office, electrotreatment, ingaljatory, balneotherapy, tooth prosthetics, physiotherapy exercises hall, a hydromassage office, the gynecologist, inhalations, the psychotherapist, an office of ultrasonic diagnostics, acupuncture, herbal medicine, the pediatrist, iridodiagnostika, speleokabinet, the therapist, physiotherapy, laser therapy, sight correction, cellulitis treatment, clinical, biochemical and imunnologicheskie researches, computer diagnostics, enoterapija, naturopatija, the oculist, the rheumatologist, the orthopedist, dermatolog, the cardiologist, on the basis of resort polyclinic.
a Food:
In a dining room
Rasctojanie to the sea:
the Infrastructure:
the Cinema, a bar, an athletic field, billiards, hire of TVs, hire of the refrigerators, the equipped beach, pool, a hairdressing salon, a video hall, fiziokabinet, a tooth office, an exercise room, a sauna, mail, a left-luggage office, library, hire of water skis, sledge, surfing, park, courts, a dance pavilion, a first-aid post, excursion bureau, booking of tickets, the international call box, parking place, a computer hall, mugs for children, study at school, group of a children's class, currency exchange point.
a work Season:
Krkglyj year
stay Time:
24 days
Any quantity of days
2-mestn. Number chast.ud.
3-mestn. Number chast.ud.
4-mestn. Number chast.ud.
4-mestn. Number

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